I like to watch the Roosterteeth Podcast instead of paying attention in psychology.

What’s the point in going to Psychology 1101 when it is the exact same class as AP Psychology? Like, why couldn’t I pass the AP test and exempt this class.

Damn, I left my flash drive in the Nesbitt 2213 building at University Friday and now it’s gone. I had so many things on there that I need.

I’ve gone off on a quest to buy new music. I loved Daylight and decided to explore some of Matt and Kim. I’ve found two more songs that I love. (I’m going to go broke buying all this music. Yes, I still prefer to buy my music)

I would like to thank my wonderful Amber for introducing me to better, more interesting music. I love it so much more than the top charts that I used to listen to. Thank you darling for the new genre introduction.

Today’s doings was interrupted by a cake delivery.

I want to make today a productive day. I’m going to:

  • Wash and clean my car
  • Clean and reorganize my room
  • Do my spanish project 
  • Start a personal project
  • Maybe do something else

Actually, I love this entire album.

My favourite song at the moment. I just love it!